Market area

Project type



B2B, hotel booking, climate action

Digital campaign, brand activation, awareness


Branding and brand activation for Goodwings, a CO2 removing booking platform for business. The client’s product measures emissions data and purchases nature-based removal offsets, to carbon neutralise the emissions connected to business trips: transport, hotel stays, meals.

Process & delivery

Goodwings, as a startup, got help with digital strategy, branding and online presence in order to gather and capture more leads.

Apart from digital campaign & strategy, a result of close collaboration with client and in-depth market & target group analyses is a set of high quality content: animated video explainer, white papers, mails & landing pages.


With the strengthened brand DNA & story, we launched several targeted social campaigns. Campaigns with engaging content from top to bottom funnel, were linked to a variety of content. These Lead Generation actions resulted in high conversion rates, which broadly expanded the client’s customer portfolio.

Agency: BirdsAtFive

Scope of work

Creative concepts: Market analysis & research, slogan and visuals

Website: Squeeze pages

Educational content: Design and execution of video explainers, white papers, analyses & infographics

Teasing ads: Social media assets (static & dynamic) and banner ads

E-mail flows

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