Market area

Project type



B2B, health insurance

Digital campaign, awareness


Social media campaign launched for Falck, a Danish company providing a wide variety of services ranging from health care, insurance to roadside assistance.

The client asked to help execute a campaign promoting healthcare insurance for companies under 50 employees within three branches: office, retail and craftsmen.

Approach & process

Part of design process included a thorough market analysis, stakeholder interviews and defining persona segments. It concluded in a mission statement for the campaign: ‘’Mission bedre rustet’’ - (Mission better equipped), setting a general tone for the rest of the campaign.


The targeted social campaign was launched generating leads via teasing awareness ads and thereby moving leads down the funnel. They were nurtured and captured via gated content, such as infographics and white paper or sent directly to landing and squeeze pages.

The campaign, through well targeted and high quality content performed well, with high conversion and click through rates and low cost per lead.

Agency: BirdsAtFive

Scope of work

Creative concept & execution

Educational content: Design and execution of white papers, analyses, infographics

Teasing ads: Social media assets (static & dynamic) and banner ads

Website: Squeeze pages

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