European LifeCare Group

Market area

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B2C, medical industry - healthcare

Web design


Website designed for European Life Care Group, an umbrella organisation gathering several UK & Danish clinics offering vaccination services. The client came with a wish to re-design their old website, fix UX and performance issues.

Process & delivery

Before jumping into creation, the design process involved understanding client’s business goals and target audience, to ensure alignment across different healthcare providers.


Having the website designed and collaborating with developers, the result is a modern, user friendly digital experience, visually appealing and easy to navigate both at desktop and mobile devices.

The client was excited the final product, and the website has received positive feedback from users who praised its intuitive interface.

Agency: BirdsAtFive

Scope of work

Art direction: Creative thinking and methods to ensure visual alignment

UX design of a website

Graphic design: Layout, photo style & correction

Portable communications device, Tablet computer, Gadget, Gesture, Font
Portable communications device, Mobile phone, Material property, Product, Gesture, Font, Gadget
Computer monitor accessory, Output device, Peripheral, Product, Gesture, Font, Gadget
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